Why Is Rawa Resisting? #SudanRevolts

What Rawa, a Sudanese Ph.D student, has to say about the protests currently spreading through Sudan:           

"The government would like to portray these protests as "protests against austerity measures" but that is not the case. The people have had enough. For 24 years this government ruled the country with an iron fist.There is growing corruption, failed institutions, and war everywhere.    The secession of the south was a natural result of the government policies. The southerners opted to move away from the government and the rest of the Sudanese are now opting to move the government away from power. Since I was 15 years old I have been involved in activism aiming at overthrowing this government. Over it’s 24 years in government, nothing improved and everything got infinitely worse.
Our government tops all the bad lists in the world (failed state index, corruption, religious discrimination, etc) and at the bottom of every good list (education , health, development). There are 5 million Sudanese in refugee and IDP camps. Almost 20-25% need food aid according to the UN. More than half our children are not in schools. Price of bread has gone from 14p for 140g to 350 (old) pounds for 70g and that is before the price hikes. 300,000 were expelled from Sudan’s civil service in the first years of the government resulting in total collapse in the quality of administration. The number of those killed in wars is over 3 million people. 2.5 million in the war in the South, 400,000 in Darfur until 2007. Now we have 3 new wars and one third of the country has left.
People feel their dignity is continuously trampled on daily in the absence of the rule of law, government officials impunity and all the evils of a theocratic military dictatorship. The government spends 70% of the budget on defence and security (read: war and oppression) while it spends less than 3% on health and education. There are over 500 minsters each with a multi-million monthly salary, housing , entourages of publicly funded cars, phones, food, etc. In 2009 the budget of the presedential palace was more than that of the ministry of education, health and social welfare put together.”
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